Let us know what is travel insurance

International travel offers excitement, a reliable way to release your stress and spend quality time with your loved ones.

However, sometimes it also brings surprise and emergency.

So, if you want to leave your worries behind and create memories for a lifetime, opt for international travel insurance.

Under travel insurance, we cover all your travel risks.

For which we charge nominal premium. It covers medical and non-medical expenses that may be incurred while traveling outside the country.

It keeps you safe in case your travel is not carefully planned.

The main points of the travel insurance policy are read in the next slide

region-sepcific travel policy, global coverage, affordable premium

immediate medical treatment, Compensation for trip delay / loss of baggage

easy claim settlement, multi-trip travel insurance, No age limit to buy the policy, Automatic Doubling of Sum Assured

International Travel Insurance – Whether you are going for a family holiday, honeymoon or business trip,

you can opt for region specific international travel insurance. Everything from emergency medical treatment to delay/cancellation of travel will be covered under this scheme.