New Delhi The Finance Ministry has asked government employees to opt for 'cheapest fare available' on their

Entitled travel class and book air tickets at least three weeks prior to their date of travel for tours and LTC, as it looks to cut down on unnecessary expenditure.

The Ministry further said that employees should book only one ticket for each leg of intended travel

make bookings even if approval of the tour program is under process and also avoid unnecessary cancellations

Government employees are currently required to purchase air tickets only from three authorized

Travel agents Balmer Lawrie & Co, Ashok Travel & Tours and IRCTC.

Any booking made within less than 72 hours of intended travel on tour or any cancellation made less than 24 hours

Before intended travel will require the submission of self-declared justification by the employee

As per the modified instructions regarding booking of air tickets on the government account.

Employees should preferably book only one ticket for each leg of intended travel. Holding of more than one ticket is not allowed.