For India to realize its full potential, the country would need ten other Bajaj Finance and ten HDFC banks,

Sanjeev Bajaj, Chairman and Managing Director of Bajaj Finserv NSE 2.47% Ltd and Chairman of Bajaj Finance NSE 2.57% Ltd, told ET Now in an interview.

The way the middle class is growing in India, we foresee a lot of opportunity for us.

Believe Bajaj Finance has a long runway ahead, need to keep feet on the ground

Bajaj believes the next decade could belong to India despite the uncertainty over inflation.

The PLI scheme, employee rate incentive plans, revival of private sector

capital investment and deleveraging in the banking sector can bring medium-term opportunities for India," said Bajaj, in an interview to ET Now.

Bajaj advised the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that there is a need to keep inflation in check but there is no point

Taking interest rates so high by bringing down the market demand.

The RBI has already hiked its benchmark repo rate by 90 basis points this fiscal year.

Bajaj feels food and fuel will remain pain points for the country.

In the absence of any change in the global outlook and with the government unlikely to tighten spending

The RBI has no choice but to lead the fight against inflation.