Top 10 Ways Real Financial Freedom

1. Set Life Goals

You need to set a life goal where you want to go in your life.

2. Make a Monthly Budget

First Plan, create a monthly budget where you spend your money & time and why it is important analysis them.

3. Track Your Spending

The next step is to track your spending where most of the money is spent and how that money is helpful for you

4. Pay Yourself First

Its time to feed your mind it is very important because most the people are feeding below the neck, not above the neck so start it today by reading books or listening podcast

5. Start Investing Now

Now you need to find some investing source like creating a blog, and short videos these all are part-time so investing some time there or if you have money then invest in NFT, Crypto, etc.

6. Stay Educated on Financial Issues

Start doing some reading or watching financial study news and learn from them

7. Pay Off Debt According 80/20 Principle

First try to pay all your debt make sure you just giving normal income into your debt not a large amount, a large amount for investing

8. Try To Creat Asset

It's time to invest your large amount into assets because these assets are creating more money for you even when you are sleeping

9. Plan Every Day In Advance

Plan your future day in advance yah your future depends on what you are planning for doing that day so make sure you know what to do

10. Re-analyze Your goal every Month

At the end of the month, it's time to analyze your whole month and how your goal is performing or your are forgotten your goal so make sure and also you feel some things need to change in your goal then do it.